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Supporting Parents with Postpartum Depression

Duration: 3:19

A Person who is Depressed Needs to know that Someone Understands their Experience

For a woman who is struggling with depression the primary goal is to make her feel understood and accepted without any sense of judgment.  Many women blame themselves for being depressed and question their own self-worth.

Help is Available but it Needs to be Accepted

The depressive mind sees no possibility so it is very important to make the woman understand that things will not stay the same way and the more she opens herself to help the less likely she is to remain depressed. Perfectionistic women may exhibit postpartum depression more severely because not only are they feeling unwell but they might also blame themselves for being incompetent. It is very important to help these women understand that the reality of mothering means it’s necessary to avoid self-imposed expectations.


Dr. Gabor Maté

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