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Sarah Seitz is a working mother, writer and consumer of coffee and books - in that order. She writes about the messy and real parts of parenting and reveals her underbelly in her words. You can read more of Sarah’s writing at

From Stylist to Fashion Police

What happens when kids decide what to wearI like to think that my daughter’s stylish peak occurred sometime between birth and Kindergarten. It’s no...

The Art of the Apology

As a big fan of the handwritten note, I was touched when my nine-year-old daughter first came to me with a written apology. It...

Puppy Parenting

Several weeks into sheltering at home with my husband and two small children, after we had finished all the jigsaw puzzles, baked the sourdough...

Confessions of a Clumsy Mom

Some people say that the most dangerous place to stand is between a mother and her child. But in my case possibly the most...

When You Can’t Quit ‘Elf on the Shelf’

It’s that time of the year again, when I am forced to re-evaluate my relationship with Ruby, our Elf on the Shelf. Like any...

Play is for Parents, Too!

On a recent family vacation to the Okanagan, my husband (who clearly felt our marriage was on solid-footing) squirted me repeatedly in the face...

Thumbsucking Confessions

I’m a parent who traded a good night’s sleep for my children’s self-soothing habit—thumbsucking. I got them started but it took a worm to...

Not so Fast

It was the swimming lessons that did it. That caused our family to reevaluate the busyness of our lives.I rushed from work to pick...

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