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What to Know About Your Child’s Hearing

Hearing in the first few years of life is essential for social, emotional, and cognitive development, and is critical for speech and language development....

Back-to-School Brain Boosters

Summertime for children usually means more time outdoors playing, eating fresh, in-season foods, sleeping more and, this summer, connecting—in a COVID-safe way—with family and...

Child, Youth & Family Public Health

The Child, Youth and Family Public Health program of Island Health is a multidisciplinary team that focuses on disease prevention and health promotion to...

Healthy Eating is About More than Food

March is Nutrition Month and this year, Canadian dietitians are talking about how healthy eating is about so much more than food! Dietitians are...

How to Help a Reluctant Reader

There is something delicious about a good book. Books can provide a welcome escape, feed the mind, and even nourish the soul. Nurturing a...

Make the Most of Mealtimes

If you have ever watched babies eating their first foods, it’s clear that eating is about more than just nutrition. It is about smelling,...

Keeping Healthy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said for many days, we are living in extraordinary times. Life as we know it has changed dramatically...

Supporting Trans & Gender Diverse Youth

As a parent or caregiver, having your teen come out as Trans may be an overwhelming experience. You may feel confused about what this...

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