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Greg Pratt is the father of two children and a local journalist and editor. His writing has appeared in, among other places, Today’s Parent, Wired, Revolver, and Douglas.

The Takeaway from 2020

One of the toughest things about homeschooling, at least for me as the parent who’s not actually DOING the homeschooling, is dealing with the...

So Much for Self-care

There will be days where you don’t feel like a good parent. There will be days where you don’t even feel like being a...

A Simple Reminder

Back when our baby boy was a new addition in our house, I was on that horrendous newborn schedule, where some mornings I found...

Parenting Resolutions

I present the following humorous anecdote to you, fellow frazzled parents, so you can relate with a mournful and commiserative chuckle (and then buy...

Homeschool Is in Session

Well, September has come and gone, which means you’re drowning in reams of paperwork associated with your kids’ school. At least a couple trees...

Three’s Company

I write this with a six-day-old baby squirming on my lap. He doesn’t seem incredibly stoked to be sharing the real estate space with...

Ah…the Baby Years

By the time you read this, our family of four will be a family of five. Yes, there will be a new small screaming...

Smells Like Pre-teen Spirit

I’ve been writing this column for around six years; in a way, it’s been an interesting opportunity for me to keep track of things...

Embrace Your Mistakes

Ah, yes, it’s the new year, the time when we look back on the past year through the haze of can-this-really-be-recycled foil Christmas wrapping...

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